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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 24, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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>> it has been a pleasure working with you. great job. >> thank you so much. it was a pleasure working with you guys. i have some highlights i'm going to share with you guys from the week in the after the show show. my favorite moments of the weekend. >> surprise. surprise. >> it will be really short. >> log on to fox & have a great weekend, everyone. >> see you next weekend. >> happy palm sunday. sfau state john kerry is in iraq today. it is an unannounced visit. the purpose of his trip, wouldfold. secretary kerry urging them to work together. overcoming the violence that continued to divide that country. and asking the prime minister to stop iran from flying over iraqi air space. iran is believed to have been shuttling military personnel and equipment to the syrian
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government over the air space of iraq which is, of course, supporting that horrible civil war in syria and that is something iran and iraq have both denied. good morning, everyone. welcome. >> great to have you here. last year, the iraqi government promised former secretary of state hillary clinton to inspect all of iranian flights so far that's reportedly not happening. now secretary kerry's turn to get it done. >> good morning. wink, wink, nudge, nhung from the iraqis to the iranians. the revolutionary guard soldiers to head from iran into syria to help assad. the united states has only pressured the iraqis privilege atly up until now. the fact they are doing so publicly and sharing intelligence means the shaming
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of iraq now begins. fox news was the first organization to report on the freight. the combination of everything from syrian airliners to shankar go planes. eye rain wran cargo planes, supply anything that syria needs. money, weapons and ammunition, soldiers. all those kinds of things from tehran into various bases all around syria. western intelligence sources confirmed to fox news that the video you are watching now is amateur video of those planes landing inside of syria. of course, no secrets the flights take place multiple times a week. it is no secret that the iranians support the syrians. what has the united states so upset is the fact the iraqis are allowing the pilots to go over their air space. the fact that secretary kerry is making intelligence a public matter rather than privately talking to iranians shows just how angry the u.s. is with the iraqis that -- it has not been stopped. the united states is increasingly difficult position
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when it comes to syria because on one side have you president assad who is killing his own people and the united states says his days are numbered. on the other side, the extremists are really taking over the rebel movement. you have al qaeda syndicate groups there that have taken over inside of the rebel movement and other kinds of jihadists trying to capture weapons and ammunition for their own purposes and now the syrian opposition is becoming even more fragmented making it very difficult for the u.s. to figure out what is the next step to take. back to you. >> big decision to make. eric? >> kerry is in iraq today. president obama returned from his four-day tour of the middle east. the first foreign trip of his second term. first trip to israel as president. some view the trip as a so-called charm offensive. israel and an attempt to thaw the rocky-strained relationship he has with binyamin netanyahu.
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is that relationship now thawed? will it work? what about iran? joining us as always on sunday mornings, former ambassador john bolton and fox contributor. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> good to see you, as always. how did he do? how about the relationship between the president and the prime minister? >> i think that the president's trip always had two purposes. one was the public political aspect of the trip to try to repair the very visibly frosty relationship that he had with israel and in his first term. and i think that he largely accomplished that, photo opportunities were great. the -- they had humor, a couple of hugs. really what else could you ask for? but underneath, the second purpose of the trip, i think continues to highlight the vast differences in strategic outlook that president obama and prime minister netanyahu have. on the iranian nuclear weapons program, number one. and on dealing with the palestinians. other issues involved. but those remain the two top
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sticking points in a relationship that remains very troubled, despite the happy photo opportunity. >> what is it going on behind closed doors in the -- had the would sat next to each other we are not hearing about? >> i think the president -- let's talk the palestinian peace process as an example. obviously recognizes that there is a long, long way to go before any possible breakthroughs. i think that's one reason he is not putting his prestige on the line. he is putting john kerry's prestige on the line and let him worry about it for a while. supposed major change in obama's position of not insisting on israel stopping settlement construction on the west bank and as a pre-condition to direct talks. it is only a change intact particulars. it is not a change in his preferred outcome of the palestinian state with borders that approximate mate the line. i think you can go down the list of what -- the president said publicly and israel and jordan,
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nothing really shifts from his apology statements in the past and for that reason i think that despite the optics of a happy visit, the differences between israel and the obama administration remains. >> prime minister netanyahu thinks that iran could get it done by this summer. president says one year from now. when they are together does that now say look they are going to get a bomb and we are going to launch an attack whether you like it or not and what does the president say and -- what do you think will happen? >> well, i think they exchange intelligence and i do think that despite the -- difficulties of the personal relationship between obama and netanyahu, i'm sure these discussions are conduct order a very prank and professional basis but countries, vital nation security interests are involved. i think both men recognize the personal can't get in the way of that. i don't think that there is any doubt that israel sees a much shorter time frame, especially given its own who are limited military capabilities.
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whoever is right on the intelligence and must be clear we don't have perfect intelligence. iran could be a lot closer than anybody. we have greater capabilities to stop iran's nuclear program than israel does. unless israel is prepared to depend on the united states which would represent a massive break from israel's strategy over its entire history, netanyahu is faced with a decision i think in the very mere future. this year probably one way or the other do i attack iran's nuclear program or do i not? >> what if he does without -- u.s. backing orders how much? what does that mean? >> i don't think that israel will ask permission. they didn't ask permission when they destroyed that north korean nuclear reactor in syria in secht 2007. i think that what they are worried about is that they won't have robust u.s. back prosecuting obama and he has been -- implicating in his first term that he wouldn't give him that kind of backing.
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i think israel has overwhelming support in congress but certainly obama's ambivalent attitude has the concern top israeli decision makers and simply saying as he did again on this trip, israel has a right to defend himself, an interesting extraction. nothing to do with the hard calculus that the israelis have to undertake before deciding whether to aye attack iran. >> sit fair to say he was ambivalent? he said the policy is prevention. >> yes. policy is prevention today until today's policy fails which it manifestly is and then -- once iran has nuclear weapons, then the policy will be containment. that is the problem, i think netanyahu and others have seen that the administration obviously doesn't want iran to have nuclear weapons. but it feels a nuclear iran can be contained and deterred in the soviet union was during the cold war. i think that's completely wrong. but that's the underlying peeling that causes the israelis
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so much concern. interest shouldn't cause us concern because once iran gets nuclear weapons, won't stop with iran. saudi arabia, turkey, egypt will as well. former secretary of state clinton said on several occasions. >> it should be a very challenging few months. we will watch it with you every sunday. i thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> i thank him, too. meanwhile, this despite the death threats and legal charges former pakistan president musharraf has returned to pakistan. he arrived this morning and whisked away by security forces. he has been in self-imposed exile since resigning more than four years ago. the former president considering a possible political comeback despite facing charges he failed to provide proper security for the former prime minister who was assassinated. musharraf is seen as an enemy by the taliban for siding with america after the 9/11 terror attacks. chinese
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antiaircraft missile missiles makes the missile firing process shorter and more efficient. pope francis sending a you new message to the faithful on this palm sunday at the vatican. the pope celebrating mass in st. peter's basilica encouraging the crowd to be humble and stay young at heart. that's good advice for all of us. this is the start of the solemn holy week ceremonies leading up to easter. christianity's most important day. meanwhile in jerusalem, another large crowd celebrated palm sunday at church of the holy acce accept pli kur. jesus is said to have been greeted by cheering crowds
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waving palm branches. pilgrims will retrace jesus' steps. back here at home new warnings over president obama's health care law three years after it was signed into law by the president. the government right now is struggling to meet its own deadlines, even as the law's most critical provisions are set to kick in. experts predicting it may not go so smoothly. joining me now, bob cusack, managing editor of "the hill." good morning. let's talk about the hurdles that are ahead. how much is the president facing in getting the health care mandate, especially for the states, in place? >> well, the stakes here are enormous. this is going to be president obama's legacy, whether it's good or bad. the fact that obama care has actually survived to make it this long is surprising. of course, survived the supreme court challenge and the 2012 election. but implementing is going to be
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tricky. there are a lot of issues. immigration reform is one issue. will immigrants who get their green card be allowed on the rolls of health care. also, employers struggling to find out what is the minimum threshold, what do they have to cover. president obama made the promise if you don't want to change your health care you don't have to. some critics say that's not going to bear out to be true. >> one critical deadline is october 1st when the states have to have their exchanges up and running. what are the chances of making the deadline and what if we don't? >> i think some of those deadlines are probably going to be pushed back. remember, a lot of these states held off on implementation under after the 2012 election. the obama administration does not want to push back the deadlines. remember the bulk of this law is going to go into effect on january 1. that's nine months from now. a lot could be done between now and then. remember the irs is also in the
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process of setting up the mandate and penalties for the mandate if you do not sign up. those penalties would range from $100 eventually to $700, some people say that people are going to pay the penalty as opposed to going into these exchanges or what are being called marketplaces. >> not only will they face penalties but there will also be pretty steep premiums for a lot of folks. how do you think the reaction will be in terms of the president's approval rating when people are faced with having to sign on the bottom line and cough up the money? >> the administration's health had care law has gotten a little bit of a bump in polls but that's why the states are so high here. there are going to be bumps in the road. the law will have to be tweekd. even some democrats are calling for changes to the law including a medical device tax which a lot of democrats includie ining al
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franken want eradicated. congress will have to tweak the law but that's going to be very difficult because parties just don't generally agree on this law. >> the health and human services department which was involved to a certain extent was hit with sequester cuts. could that impact the viability of this new health care plan for america? >> i think the administration's going to put all the resources it can, because it is just so important to the white house, that they are going to put all their manpower. other programs within hhs would have to suffer. some republicans voted against the bill that would have averted a government shutdown because it does fund the implementation of obama care. >> interesting. big decisions that have to be made along the way. so it's not done until it's done. thanks so much, bob. happy sunday. an extreme weather alert for you. it is supposed to be spring almost. well, guess what? big snowstorm moving across the
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country. that storm yesterday forced the cancellation of about 100 flights at denver and today that storm is moving east. from the fox extreme weather center. >> something for everybody ma e maybe. >> major problems on interstates both i-25 and i-70 across areas of colorado. that storms pulls off to the east. maybe seeing five to eight inches of snow developing from st. louis over toward indianapolis. st. louis you've been rain earlier. you're crossing over into snow but this stretch of i-70 from kansas city to st. louis, stay off it if you can. major problems. by tonight, into tomorrow moves out toward the mid-atlantic, central jersey, philadelphia, washington, d.c. looking at maybe three to four inches of snow. we still have another big storm. this is what it looks like on the satellite radar picture. you see where all of our winter
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wampl warnings are wichita, pittsburgh area, parts of west virginia, central appalachians. there's a warm side to the storm as well down across areas of florida. we have slight risk for severe weather from around the charleston, south carolina area through savannah, back towards about albany. we have one last bit of a tornado watch in effect until 11:00 a.m. as this line line of storms pulls through here. we'll likely see another tornado watch later on off toward the east. so severe weather with it as well. behind this storm the cold air gets reinforce again. everybody's wondering why temps are so cold. get ready, today you're 25 degrees below average down through areas of texas and almost the entire country looking at temps that are below average. looks like it will stay that way until probably wednesday or thursday. no big warm-up in the northeast until maybe the 3rd or 4th of april. >> man. how come it's so cold? >> we're stuck in a pattern and
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it's not changing any time soon. get us unstuck. okay? there's been a possible break-through in the fight against leukemia. we teased we were going to talk about this yesterday. it's very important. a new treatment is showing promise fighting one of the most difficult types of cancer that's coming up. >> a lot of folks saw a mysterious flash of light. what is that? thousands of people saw it. we'll tell you more about that and what scientists are saying when we come back. >> we'll see whether you believe it or not. also, can you believe this? a new sinkhole in the same neighborhood where a man was killed last month, swallowed up by a sinkhole. >> i was scared because i was scared that maybe -- i saw like grass down in the hole with it was like rocks and stuff down there. it was really deep.
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ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it's happened again. another sinkhole has opened up in florida. it's in the same town where that massive crater tragically swallowed 37-year-old jeff bush. he was in his bedroom last month
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when the floor suddenly gave way in his house. his body was never recovered. now in the one one the ground just gave way between two houses. thankfully not under each of one. the hole estimated to be about eight feet wide and ten feet deep. >> once we found out there was a sinkhole i went to go tell my dad because i knew someone might get hurt. >> skater and nervous because this is my house. >> as of right now, official there say the houses are not in danger but they have been evacuated just as a precaution. in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday, kentucky senator rand paul is weighing in on the defense of marriage act. senator paul saying the issue of same-sex marriage should be decided by the states. the federal government, he says, could avoid it all together. listen. >> i don't want the government promoting something i don't believe in but i also don't mind
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if the government tries to be neutral on the issue. the tax code, i'm for a flat income tax and we wouldn't have marriage as part of the tax code. health insurance. i think there is a way to write it where it would be neutral and you wouldn't bring marriage into the whole idea of health insurance. >> will any of that happen. ? joining me, the anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. good to see you. senator paul has taken this spogs. does very the support behind him? >> well, it's going to be interesting because this is directly involves the case on the defense of marriage october that the supreme court is going to hear this week. that case involves a gay couple, same-sex couple, one of the two women died. the other one had had been legally married in the state and she said, therefore, she should get the rights that any spouse gets that the first, at this point $5 million in inheritance
7:26 am
is tax free. but doma says same-sex marriage is not recognize at the federal law. she didn't get that federal tax break. that's what doma is all about, as i read what senator paul is saying, he says he would agree with the plaintiff in this case that the federal government should grant her the rights that she has under the state in which she was married. >> interesting. i am aware that in new york today there's going to be a march over doma. there are a lot of strong opinions on either side. what's the next step other than the courts? >> well, it is the courts. this is going to come up before the court this week, monday, tuesday and wednesday they're going to hear proposition 8, the whole question of whether or not same-sex marriage can be banned as it was in california, then this issue of what the federal role should be.
7:27 am
this is tough role for conservatives because they've held db the federal doma law signed by president bill clinton, puts the government right if the middle of same-sex marriage saying it will not recognize it even if states say they do and would not give benefits to same-sex couples in the states where it is legal. if it doesn't get decided by the courts, it obviously could go the legislative route and congress might have to repeal the law. >> let me ask you, if you want us to wait until the program, it will be worth it. one question a lot of people want to know -- rand paul's really been out there. he's filibuster being with he's doing an exclusive interview with you. what are his aspirations when it comes to the white house? >> well, i certainly ask him about it at great length. he is the hottest property in the republican party, maybe in all politics right now. he's a fascinating guy. he's left left of barack obama on drone strikes. he's to the right of paul ryan on budget cutting.
7:28 am
he won't say directly i'm running for president. it would be crazy to say it at this point but he wants to be part of the conversation and he certainly leaves the presidential door wide open. >> we'll check out the program. always good to see you, chris. have a great sunday. don't miss the exclusive interview, kentucky senator rand paul with chris only. you have to watch "fox news sunday. accounts he's speak the to nicolle wallace and gary bauer. >> rand paul. quite fascinating. new developments in the battle against leukemia and news on dementia and an update on losing weight with liposuction. doctors are here for a sunday house call in just a moment. [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs.
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